The days when the sun shone down for no real good reason


Do you remember running, running, through the nasty scarred vacant land darting past the rusting part -crumbling mess of cars strewn around, dodging smashed glass, rubble and old rubbish. Broken glass everywhere. Heart beating just too fast – just to make it to the small opening at the far side where the fence is pulled back and broken. It becomes a race… for me.  When suddenly falling, falling down dark and feeling of gravel, scraping, nowhere to go…………Smelling mold, then, then there was nothing.       

Picture of candle


…….To Remind Ourselves that while we are traveling this world we will leave our mark………

Make your mark Count..


I am encouraged to build  a site where people can come and read and unwind. The Stories or information here can be either for a bit of fun and laughter (a quick quote or a joke) or can be an inspirational piece that someone has written for the site.  It can be a memory, true or fiction. This site will grow and so as it does we will live and learn. It takes all types of people to fill this world. Not everyone has the time or passion to write their story. This site will help-and I will help them.  It may take some time to reach its full potential, months even years – but it is a passion I am keen to follow. There is a story in everyone. Let me tell yours. Here!


Hi Everyone…. Hope your having a great day……


This is a project I have wanted to start for a while

Riss Dolman


Riss has been working in the Human Services Industry for 22 years and would like to share her knowledge and her passion. (Because I have always wanted to Blog this is where I will start. The hope is that my site will grow from there.)

Currently working on 2 books at the same time……..

Jeepers life is short.


.’Moving forward requires you to have Confidence in Yourself…….

it is yours to Explore’………..Anon

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