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50 year old me to 30 year old me

Travel to exotic places

Make them places full of history and

drape their mystery around you and feel their soul.

Stop Obsessing over Objects. Stop collecting trash.

You cant carry objects around with you forever.

Collect Memories. You can carry them around with you.

Love who you are. Love your quirkiness. For there

is no-one like you, and never will be. Look after your teeth.’

Dont smoke -you need your lungs to climb

mountains on your exotic holidays.

Take a moment. Enjoy where you are right now.


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As I lay me down to sleep…………..

My back does ache – my legs feel weak.

My mind does wander in and out

Of what to do next…..

Be sloth or stout.

The arms are heavy and hands they burn,

From use all day-from work in turn.

Eyes now closed and black comes easy,

To doze so deep-life feels so breezy.

Slumber slumber roll on thunder

Nothing will wake me from

the covers I’m under……..

Riss Dolman



Short but Sweet


Empathy is Contagious……

Learn What it is……..

And Pass it on……

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Where there’s a will…..

Where there is a will there is a way…

What exactly does that mean?..If you

have the health, the heart, the get

up and go and the courage to do so…

then there is always a will. There is

no defining line drawn….. just a need

to get past the trials of the day and

move on…. There will always be a way….

Short but Sweet

Little thought……

Red and Bright and today’s delight…….

Notice how our flowers are so beautiful.

Just take the time to Appreciate them.

Here today……gone tomorrow……..

Short but Sweet


Success is yours…… It starts with you……

Climb to the top of that Mountain…..

And Fly……..

Riss Dolman


Short but Sweet


Don’t ever hold

Back…….let your

Whole personality

Shine Through….

Riss Dolman

Short but Sweet

The Instigator of attitude.

Attitude creates the beginning and

a good start to the day. Attitude helps

the middle of your day be as awesome

as you can make it…..and Attitude lets

the end of your day slide comfortably

into the next day. What will your attitude

say about you and your day.

Riss Dolman.

Short but Sweet

Dream Big….

Beautiful Dreams…


Beautiful Dreams…

Riss Dolman

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Learn the love of taking time out and really tuning in to tuning out. In this frenetic rushed life of ours, we are up and at it, work and life combined, rush, rush, rush way to often. We may stop for a quick bite, then we seem to go all day until dusk. Once we do finally get to sit down and relax, what to do we do? The relaxation of life these days seems to be non-existent. So maybe we need to understand what down time means-in order to do it.

Does it mean sitting and watching the television and zoning out? Does it involve grabbing the phone and staring and scrolling aimlessly through the screen on facebook? Does it mean that we need to be somewhere where we catch up on twitter, Instagram, the News, the gossip for the day before so we dont think we are missing out. More and more people need their techno fix to feel part of this world. For some people……That may be so. and, if that is the happy way that you generally finish your day, then enjoy.

But for genuine Down time to be enjoyed and understood……. it is just that. Put those devices down….for a period of time……Simple. Try connecting once again with something else that used to matter to you -before technology became ingrained in us all. This dosent have to be for the whole day (however – wouldn’t that be great) but an organised period of time to make a difference. Say, start with 2 hours-see how you go. Try some type of other activity that encourages the mind and spirit to smile. So when we think again of times that connective values mattered to us -we might be reminded of things from the past. Such as;

  • Reading a long lost novel under a shady tree near the waters edge.
  • Potting a flower or herb in the garden.
  • Ride a motorbike along the seaside.
  • Go for a journey on a train.
  • Reconnect with an old friend. (2 hours is a good time for a cuppa)
  • Doodle and make pictures with pencils or crayons.
  • Ride a horse.

There are loads of ideas, once you start to think and connect with the old you and what you enjoyed before you just sat stagnating on a phone. Above are just some of my nostalgic memories. Make a list for your self from your past. What about something you’ve always wanted to do. Start by freeing up your time and go and inquire about them.

My all time favorite-without any phone or devices is to fish on a beach (catching or not) until the sun dies down over the horizon and watching the water roll in rhythmically. I can stay there content for days.

I know that it is entirely necessary in this day and age to be involved, especially with work nowadays, to have to deal with computers, Iphones etc. But are we losing touch with the world as we knew it? Yes I think we are. A practice of downtime may connect you happily with something you once did that gave you great joy-and you didn’t realise you had lost it.

Down time is your time to take time -for you…….