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When you care for elderly people in the community, you can learn a lot in life. It is not meant to be anything other than an observation, however Observe I do. You realize people get lonely. Genuinely lonely. It dosent mean they dont get contact……its just that they are so happy to see a person and speak to a person – that they just chatter. They chatter the whole time (which is great), but you realize they are trying to shove a weeks worth of talking in to the 30 minutes you have to care for them. After talking an awful lot, they do ask about my day, – I never care about that. I just love hearing them talk about their significant highlights of their day. Like, how they saw the sun come up by them self, and the formed icicles on the back lawn melt before their eyes….how the rabbits new babies came out to feed. How much does this person love and enjoy the simple tings in life… they have time to do it-they do it by themselves….how sad.

So I am there to be a carer, simply put, to stop this person from being a burden on the health care system, to stay in their home longer (by them self) and some do it happily. So you stand, support, help and shower a person who has had a stroke. This person lives by herself, alone, with all acceptable aids. (self sufficient) she eagerly awaits for the company and hired help to arrive, chirping and laughing as you struggle up the stairs to greet her. She is a bright (ex-academic) older woman who struggles daily in a roughly adjusted wheelchair and added ramps to get around her house. It drives me crazy. We talk about any ailment we might have (headaches etc) -and yet their struggles are insurmountable and exaggerated and gross, yet there are no complaints. Their daily needs are 10 fold of mine or anyone else. So they struggle through every day holding onto what little dignity they have left.

Picture of candle
…a very smart man once said…

And so these people teach me every day.

  1. Possessions mean nothing. I look around my comfortable house and realize that even though I have enjoyed accumulating and travelling to get these ornaments, pictures, dust collectors they are nothing unless there is a reality of someone else to enjoy them with later on.
  2. Reach out to someone…..anyone.  Selfishness is easy. A person who goes out of their way for another is someone who has taken the time to care. A phone call. A quick Cuppa. Drop off some bread and make sure that person sees someone. You have no idea how happy it will make their heart.
  3. Wait Patiently, Smile, Listen, Repeat, Often…..

And finally, it is not hard to watch these older determined friendly people go about their business day to day while they wait for a call, letter, email, visit – They are used to it. They dont mind. however,  I am Not. I am the one struggling with the forgotten. I am the one that never wants to be waiting for a carer to come and allow me 30 minutes to chatter aimlessly to fill in time.  One day we will all be there. The Forgotten ones were once US………….

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How’s the Weather……

Feel the Warm

They say that the weather can influence people with how they behave and how they feel. Doctors now believe that differing weather conditions and change in climate can and does in fact affect our well being, albeit our health.

Some people appear to be affected differently to others, but it is obvious to most that fresh clean air and a beautiful sunny day can have an invigoration quality.

Sunshine …… Surveys have been shown that those people reportedly in good or ill health had felt better when days were sunny rather than when the sky was overcast. Doctors and psychologists have now recognised a conditions called Seasonal affective Disorder (SAD)that alters peoples perception and mood alongside the type of weather experienced. During periods of where there is little natural daylight or a lot of cloud coverage, people express moods of being lethargic and depressed. These moods seem to differ and lift as the longer days commence and once normal sunshine hours extend. It is also noted that sunshine helps with the function of vitamin D. This is helpful in people prone to weak and brittle bones. Spring weather creates opportunities to improve tha  lethargic feeling and help drive away depression after the long winter months. Seeing and feeling the warmer weather encourages you to get active. 

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Meditate on it………..

Is life full of noisy cars, busy people, screaming kids, barking dogs and slamming doors. Has the stress level reached the peak and do you sometimes feel you’d like to pack up and move to a quiet mountain in China. Well in this day and age I dont think you are the only one. Life has become a full bodied well rounded event that seems to be flying quickly past us. Of course you cant stop time – however you can slow it down a little and take time to reflect.

It is when we are at our stressed – out worst, our lives can reflect   the same – stressed out. The concept of looking after ourselves involves many facets. One is the body and its encompassing wellness. Feed and nourish this amazing temple and keep it active, and in kind it will display talents beyond compare. The other very important part to consider, which fairly well oversees the temple (body) is the Mind and all that goes with it. In order to sooth the overactive, overzealous, over excited and often over-tired mind sometimes means……Stop, Pause, Listen……..

To promote good mental health it is imperative to be good to your mind.  By practicing Meditation and using it often,  it can relax –  and bring a central soothe to your soul. What does that mean, you say? 

Meditation tools – good to know sponsored by Louise Hay…..

Well, in the 1970’s medical researchers at Harvard University Massachusetts studied Indian Transcendental Meditation. They found that the deep “relaxation Response” from meditating, is a deeper rest than rest from sleeping. Sixty per cent accounts for stress related visits to the doctor and as a result of this, many become solved by taking unnecessary medication. As a result there has been a shift in thinking about how we take medication and its long term affects, and whether we would be better served to look at alternatives such as meditation to solve some of the stresses attached to life.

Take up the relaxation challenge. (Whats the worst that can happen)

Zero side effects

  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers anxiety
  • Helps focus & clarity
  • Improves sleep
  • Improved eating
  • Feel rested and peaceful
  • Just feel better

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How to Improve those female muscles (Curves)


If its muscle tone you’re lacking and when waving those arms there is a recurring – self wave of skin and flab that has a mind of its own – then it has to be suggested that some small weight strategy may need to take place. Moving our muscles with a little bit more…. Oomph – when exercising, encourages them to become toned and firmer and optimizes a better look.  Exercise needs to be safe and effective when using weight/hydraulic driven machines and there are some important strategies to follow.

  • You need to make a choice as to whether you will use free weights or machines. There are a lot of types of equipment available and hype with the introduction of new fads, so it is wise to consider what you would like to spend your money and time on first. Home gym, public gym, small to big weights, hydraulics, resistant training, arm weights and so much more. Female only gyms are just a Google away.
  • Once you have decided what it is that you will use to improve those muscles then it is time to get started.
  • When committed,  your first couple of sessions should include enough exercise to exact the type of regime you will use every workout – along with the number of repetitions. ( ie 20 hydraulic reps x bicep- triceps curls.  A good example of this is with women’s exercise    and a 30 minute workout at Curves. (Female only gym) You need to make sure that is is a safe and clean area where you are  to exercise because balance and space help optimize your workout. Getting someone to support and show you how to use machines is important. Maybe go with a friend for motivation. Once you get into a routine it becomes a normal part of life.
  • To enhance the ability  and improve muscle integrity all over includes a whole body workout. The stamina requires that you use lots of different muscles. When you attend exercise the balance needs to be for an improved output of cardio and large and small muscle building.
  • Make an effort to understand the different muscle groups and how your exercise regime will improve them.
  • Get an initial weigh and measure along with BMI (Body Mass Index) and Body fat reading so you can track your progress. It does help for you to see some form of progress, however, make sure you are not checking those scales ever day. Once a week or month is sufficient.
  • Make it a time for yourself to put health on the top of the priority list. You will find the benefits far out way that sagging look you were trying to pull off for years. It only takes half an hour three to four times a week to see and feel the difference. The outcome far out-ways the current status quo.
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Fifty Plus….

If you are feeling fifty plus, or just approaching that milestone where working your job is no more physically demanding than turning on a computer and playing with the mouse, then your not alone.  It is also a grim reminder that only a major health scare will be the only means to get oneself off their dairy air. It could be well over due to remind yourself that you are subject to the same rules as everyone else and that person looking in the mirror and slipping slightly and looking old….is you. You can no longer make excuses.  Fifty four percent of all Australians exercise occasionally, however this is not frequent enough to improve general health or weight. (Clafin 2016)

In fact, if you are a woman, exercise itself may be more than important to you. Women tend to have a lot more generalized problems than men with some of the chronic illnesses like heart disease, osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases, depression and obesity. Problems begin to rear their head near menopause. The great news is that you can help prevent or slow down the onset by regular exercising.

keep exercising

For starters, find some exercise you enjoy and that has regular weight-bearing resistance training associated with it. If you start to make your lifestyle physical-now, it will remain a habit with you and you will find that the benefits far out way any alternative. You will also find that if you continue on this amazing fit journey, you can be climbing mountains and hiking rocky roads way into your twilight years while your friends maybe rocking chair bound. (I’m building a great picture for you already right!) Only one thing to do. Get those sand shoes/sneakers out of the cupboard and put them on.

Walking and jogging can be great for the body and the mind. Getting our into the open spaces and fresh air has a lot of pluses. however if you would like more strength in your arms and your chest and would like to improve the muscle dexterity in your overall body, then you may want to visit and do a more specific based exercise at a gym.

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Health Arena Info... Stages of Change

Relapse….how did we get here..

Imagine the Imaginable


Relapse ……So how did we get here.

The meaning of Relapse is (A backwards step or worsening condition-a setback)

Relating this to a health issue like “exercise and eating,” would mean that a person has attained a certain level or maintained weight for a period of time. In order to appreciated that  healthy position and weight loss then that person has achieved good level of  maintenance  . Relapse would mean that person has regressed and possibly one could be eating badly once again, bingeing and overeating, had no physical activity at all and a result – Relapsed.

People who go into maintenance and have changed a bad behavior have one or more relapses along the way. This is sometimes typical of how people use behavior change. It can be a dangerous step backwards for some people (ie users of drugs can relapse and find themselves back in the same old arena) but for others it can be short lived.

It is not favourable to relapse.It is important to recognisable within a change process that relapse comes with pitfalls. Some of these can be:

  • A strong desire to go back to old habits
  • A need to be more compulsive than before
  • A lack of Caring
  • Self Esteem issues (feeling no good about yourself)

People who relapse also feel they have slipped and ruined every thing they have attempted to date. This is not true. It has been proven in studies (Di Clemente 1982) that it does help to know how and where and when the person relapsed and Why? This is good to note as the issues can be worked on and lessons can be learnt from them. So if the relapse is only for a short period of time the upside of this can be :

  • Learn from the reason the person relapsed
  • Take steps to avoid the area in which relapse occurred
  • Come through the process and become stronger
  • And try try again.

There is no magic potion for relapse,  just the desire to get back up and try again with new found knowledge that has been gained – hopefully stronger. Easier said than done………or not. There is always a reason to try again.

Health Arena Info... Stages of Change


….keep going….


So after much thought and process and ongoing Action from someone who has changed their previous
behavior into a brand new one, Maintenance becomes the next stage for that person to assess,
review and to manage the ongoing current status quo.


While management of the new behavior has some very positive consequences (examples…Weight loss, increased fitness self esteem – it is interesting to note for some maintenance can just last between six months and five years. (Janis and Mann,19770. It then becomes a decision for the person trying to maintain the new behavior change to assess whether the change has became the new ‘Them/Me” This has been examined throughout the journey of the change process covered extensively and practiced by the transtheoretical Model, Prochaska, J.O., Redding 2002. If a balance is to be achieved, and then maintained whereby the individual feels that the new behavior is like a second skin to them, they then need to decide that the previous behaviors are not worth a second thought..

The involvement of this new skin (new me) to remain in place has been discussed by Bandura, 1977,1982 and how self-efficacy reflects a persons confidence an efficiency to continue in the same footsteps and on the same pathway with the new behavior when triggered by temptations. (eg  unhealthy decisions, unhealthy food options, lack of motivation to exercise) In a high risk situation the persons lack of confirmed self change may be challenged. This can result in a relapse situation, back to the originally unhealthy behavior. This could be momentarily or for a longer period, however the resolve to try ‘change’ again can be fortified as a result that the person has been there and  felt the new change and had became inspired by it……….

Maintain, maintain, maintain and reap the rewards of the new improved you.

Health Arena Info... Stages of Change

…….Action Stations…Here we go…..

…a great start….

Here we Go, Here we Go, Here we go, and we’re off………

Action is the next exciting stage that will define what and where we travel to from here.

If its change you want, then its change you’ll get. The use of the change model by Prochaska and DiClemente, 1992 is used by professionals around the world, to invoke a clear and delineated gradient traveling from Pre-contemplation… to where we have progressed to “Action“, now.

Following the Contemplation stage, ‘Action’ is one of the biggest stages of Change used in order to test the waters and trial a new behavior. When people modify their behavior and move through to the action stage there has been a shift or growth in attitude shifting away from the bad behavior.

Action stage is just one of the stages- So at this level a person is prepared to give new challenges a go. It may mean that individuals will also modify other areas to overcome or to improve their current problem. Lets take a person who has weight gain for example, and what this may require from someone at the action stage.

  • Modifying their behavior

This requires commitment and time to action change. If it is an increase in exercise that the person needs, they need to find suitable time and a place to exercise on an ongoing basis. It may also mean that the person actively needs to seek out some support to keep them on track. Like the use of a gym for inclement weather, and healthy food alternatives.

  • Modifying their experiences

The person trialing their new action, needs to be mindful of how their past experiences have molded their bad behavior, and try and steer clear of these while changes takes hold.

  • Modifying their environment

Consider alternative options when your action is implemented, as the same old routine or environment (ie cake shops, movies,) and sedentary places filled with no exercise and lack of healthy food options only fuel the status quo.

‘Action’ stage is a highly visible stage that is recognizable to oneself and others, so for re-enforcement of healthy weight loss and exercise, continue sticking to the regime. This may include some encouragement from close friends and family at this time. Walking the walk and talking the talk also helps to  stay on track. Keep positive about your future steps and allow other people to join in and celebrate with the new you.

How to keep the “Action” stage favorable and part of your life.

  • Keep researching interesting information to remind yourself of the benefits of change. Seek out up to date information which will likely keep you on track, and go on-find something qwerky to keep you interactive.
  • Address problems as they arise and seek out solutions, so you can keep on top of the issues.
  • No excuses. Dont keep coming up with reasons to fail.
  • Access relief alternatives in preparation for stressful times-be prepped.
  • Avoid stimulus from friends and bad influences-steer clear.
  • Improve your environment for future change.
  • Continue to seek support for yourself
  • Reward yourself when you reach attained small goals…. and finally
  • WELL DONE….. Keep the end goal in mind


Health Arena Info... Stages of Change

At Last……… Your a Contemplator………..

I’m a “What” – you say……. Yes, after blissfully skipping through life as a Pre-Contemplator or in a Pre-Contemplative state not caring about the issue of weight loss(Di Clemente 1992) then discussed that there may be reason to expect a shift in the stage that a person is at-and that the change made may make you a Contemplator. this means that there has been a shift on the Continuum from “Nope, Nup, Never and NO”!!!! to a more Contemplative ……Maybe.  So let us now look at this little shift and what it means.

“Well, Yes my weight has gone up a bit these last few years, and is a little bit concerning to me because I dont seem to be as quick to move as I used to be, and dont fit into my favorite clothes anymore, but I am really busy right now and couldn’t possibly start an exercise and weight regime just now. I may do though, after my months holiday.”

So that’s a Contemplator…..Does that sound familiar.

its OK  I’m.. just…thinking…about it.

So it makes sense, for anyone sitting particularly comfortably on a fence trying to decide what to do, that here are many tips to go to………..

Try encouraging a future scene by following some of the tips.

  1. Make a list of Pros and Cons (good and bad) of the current situation. Here is an example of how.

         Current weight Issues

         Uncomfortable, cant fit clothes

          Unhealthy weight to height ratio

          Increase in health risk

         Higher Cholesterol, heart/stroke risk

          Less involvement in activities

           With weight Loss

           Move more freely, look better

           Lowers BMI and Body fat reading

           Reduce associated health risk

           Reduce stroke/heart attack risk

           Higher Self Esteem

Then with this information there is forethought on the subject and how much priority is attached to        losing weight or keeping the status quo.

2. It is Important at this stage to let the person direct their own decision in which way to go- in this way the person will feel that they control the situation, which is a crucial element for change.

3. Exploring different options is a good way to help with the speed of decisions, once again making it a controlled move to change habits.

These Options – Healthy eating, Study of the subject, perusing different exercise Programs (gyms) male or female, reading up on the subject of weight loss (Google it) asking health Professionals, (GP) support based help and user friendly local options.

All of this information and advice moves someone further along the Continuum of Change and preps someone for the next change……………..stay tuned.