Inspirational thoughts

What do we talk about in our House…..

We talk about birth and the joy it brings, growing and the fun of learning new things. We talk about love and the feelings that go with everything to do with love. Life and love sometimes go together-forever. Your love in life. We talk about Family and Friends and what they mean to us. How they make us whole and protect us. We talk about the earth, the moon, the sky, the wind and all things precious granted to us while here on earth. We should love them all more. We talk about immortality and death…..

In between birth and death there is a whole lot of things to enjoy. We should enjoy them all with our family and friends. Make your time here precious.

Inspirational thoughts


Getting started- For it will become a new year. 

Decisions are needed For it is time to make it count. Dont let the old grass keep growing. Before you know it will be too hard to handle. Now is the time to harvest for a new season. Out with the old and in with the new. Now is the time to practice what you preach . If it is fresh beginning then the start of the new year is about to arrive. Take time and prepare.

Inspirational thoughts

Feel Good

An Inspiration a day-

Keeps the Blues Away..

Inspirational thoughts

Tip of the day.

Families……… They are just not a small part

of your life…….They are all of your life…..

Inspirational thoughts

Find your Mast…..

Lash Yourself to your Mast…….

Find yourself a positive person in your life that you can rely on……….Your Mast being tall and straight talking,

caring and honest who helps to guide you when it is asked of them.  This friend (Mast) will be there for you-and has

been there for you in the past. The genuine care of this guide will support you in your ventures and life trials and

tribulations. For not just when the roses smell nice and the parties have been fun in the past. Where you have been

their Mast. Where you have been there for them? You have been there in their times of need . Your Mast is not your

fair weathered friend, your Mast is the friend who handles all weather. Look for that friend. Look for your Mast.

You will know who that is.

Riss Dolman.

Health Arena Info... Inspirational thoughts


When you care for elderly people in the community, you can learn a lot in life. It is not meant to be anything other than an observation, however Observe I do. You realize people get lonely. Genuinely lonely. It dosent mean they dont get contact……its just that they are so happy to see a person and speak to a person – that they just chatter. They chatter the whole time (which is great), but you realize they are trying to shove a weeks worth of talking in to the 30 minutes you have to care for them. After talking an awful lot, they do ask about my day, – I never care about that. I just love hearing them talk about their significant highlights of their day. Like, how they saw the sun come up by them self, and the formed icicles on the back lawn melt before their eyes….how the rabbits new babies came out to feed. How much does this person love and enjoy the simple tings in life… they have time to do it-they do it by themselves….how sad.

So I am there to be a carer, simply put, to stop this person from being a burden on the health care system, to stay in their home longer (by them self) and some do it happily. So you stand, support, help and shower a person who has had a stroke. This person lives by herself, alone, with all acceptable aids. (self sufficient) she eagerly awaits for the company and hired help to arrive, chirping and laughing as you struggle up the stairs to greet her. She is a bright (ex-academic) older woman who struggles daily in a roughly adjusted wheelchair and added ramps to get around her house. It drives me crazy. We talk about any ailment we might have (headaches etc) -and yet their struggles are insurmountable and exaggerated and gross, yet there are no complaints. Their daily needs are 10 fold of mine or anyone else. So they struggle through every day holding onto what little dignity they have left.

Picture of candle
…a very smart man once said…

And so these people teach me every day.

  1. Possessions mean nothing. I look around my comfortable house and realize that even though I have enjoyed accumulating and travelling to get these ornaments, pictures, dust collectors they are nothing unless there is a reality of someone else to enjoy them with later on.
  2. Reach out to someone…..anyone.  Selfishness is easy. A person who goes out of their way for another is someone who has taken the time to care. A phone call. A quick Cuppa. Drop off some bread and make sure that person sees someone. You have no idea how happy it will make their heart.
  3. Wait Patiently, Smile, Listen, Repeat, Often…..

And finally, it is not hard to watch these older determined friendly people go about their business day to day while they wait for a call, letter, email, visit – They are used to it. They dont mind. however,  I am Not. I am the one struggling with the forgotten. I am the one that never wants to be waiting for a carer to come and allow me 30 minutes to chatter aimlessly to fill in time.  One day we will all be there. The Forgotten ones were once US………….

Inspirational thoughts


When Motivation is low…………

If you feel you are lost for inspiration

for the day…..thats OK! Sometimes life

has a habit of doing that to us. Dont despair.

Try to look to others for current inspiration.

It only needs to be momentary – until yours returns.

Borrow someones. I’m sure they wont mind

that you have read something, heard something or

seen something that has made you think nice thoughts.

Make it work for you for now. If your day looks a little

dull. Remember a day when it didn’t. Transport yourself

to that day and allow yourself to capture that memory.

Smile quietly and lovingly to the world. Look upwards and

say “today is just another day” – tomorrows day will be


Inspirational thoughts

When you need Clarity…

It is time to connect……………..

It is time to connect with the here and now, and to be present in the moment. Stop and listen to the cues that life is offering you. Be clear with what you are asking for in life. Try and think of the current issue – stand still. Be grounded. Maybe go outside and take your shoes off and stand tall with your feet firm on the earth, maybe out of the sun and  in the shade. Look up to the trees and sky. See how they are always there for you to look up to and ……. relax.  It is time…… Breathe deeply and clear your pressing thoughts. Let them leave your mind for now and think of the day as new and fresh. As you focus more clearly and your thoughts become less stressed it is a good time to be happy with where you are in your life and be grateful for what you have. Breathe deeply. Open you eyes with a new and invigorated view of life. Set your day well and go forward. With this new clear eye and thought you can expect great things to happen. What you constructively put out in this world and work on, will come back to you ten fold.

Inspirational thoughts

…Stretch yourself…..

…Such is….

Stretch yourself and discover

new horizons. Go on a journey,

seek new landscapes to explore.

Be daring – one life


Riss Dolman


Inspirational thoughts

…The Butterfly..

When you see the butterfly…….

– and it is floating past gently using its

wings in the wind to guide it, know that

its beauty and loveliness is for your eyes

only. Know that the butterfly wants to

remind you that transformation is in

your hands. Sent to remind you of

someone or something beautiful.

Beauty is everywhere.

The butterfly is to

remind us of this.

Riss Dolman.