Just for fun

Another Barrrr Larfff…


A woman walks into a bar and asks the person behind the bar ‘How about I show you a trick and if it is great-I can get a free drink? The bar manager agrees. The woman reaches into her bag and and pulls out a rat…. she then reaches back into her bag and pulls out a small piano. The rat stretches and proceeds to play some lovely, lively 80’s music. You win… This drinks on me says the bar manager. After finishing her first drink….she says to the bartender – If I show you a better trick than that one, can I get free drinks until I leave. He quickly agrees. What could be better than the first trick he thinks. She reaches back into the bag and pulls out a frog, puts the frog next to the rat playing the piano…and then proceeds to sing along with the music. Well I never, said the bartender and proceeds to pour drinks for the happy young lady for free. While sitting there listening to the frog sing with the piano music being played by the rat…..a stranger confronts her and offers $100.000 for the frog…Sorry she replies – the frogs not for sale. The stranger increases the amount to $250.000. Nope…Sorry again she replies. Look the stranger says I will give you $500.000 cash up front. After an extended amount of thinking and time to decides, the woman gives in and hands over the frog to the stranger for the money. He then leaves happily….. The bartender says …are you serious That frog could have been worth sooooooo much more than that – even Millions and you let it go for a measly $500.000. Don’t worry too much – the woman says with a wry smile…..The frog wasn’t anything too special or inspirational…..You see the Rat…….well he’s a ventriloquist………..

Boom Boom

Just for fun

Today’s Laffffffff……

The ‘high five’ Irish fun joke……Oldie but Goodie

A young Irishman goes into a Bar in Dublin.

He orders 3 pints of Guinness and sits down in

the back room-drinking a sip out of each one in turn.

When he finishes them, he comes back to the bar and

orders 3 more. The bartender remarks that the beers will

go flat – so he can pour one at a time for the young man

if he preferred. The Irishman replied that he has 2 other

brothers (one in USA the other in Australia) Im here in

Dublin and promised my brothers we would drink this

way to remember each other while were apart.

The bartender leaves him to his ritual.

The Irishman becomes a regular in the

pub and continues with his ritual……until one day!!!!!!

He orders 2 pints. The others punters notice and fall silent.

The bartender doesn’t want to intrude on his privacy

but when he returns to buy the next round….

The bartender offers his condolences for the

great loss of one of his brothers.

The Irishman looks confused for a moment and then

slowly it dawns on him and he perks up with his reply.

Oh, No. He says, Everyone is fine…….

I’ve just quit drinking…….

Boom Boom…………….

Just for fun

Popping Pooch…

“What now”,

I screamed out to the young girl sitting

calmly behind the reception desk,

My Pooch – ‘Minky’ has just devoured

a full bag of unsalted popcorn………..

Looking up and clearly not as worried

as I was…… coolly, calmly, and with

a wry smile – replied. “Well, firstly

I’d keep Minky out of the sun……….