Inspirational thoughts

Find your Mast…..

Lash Yourself to your Mast…….

Find yourself a positive person in your life that you can rely on……….Your Mast being tall and straight talking,

caring and honest who helps to guide you when it is asked of them.  This friend (Mast) will be there for you-and has

been there for you in the past. The genuine care of this guide will support you in your ventures and life trials and

tribulations. For not just when the roses smell nice and the parties have been fun in the past. Where you have been

their Mast. Where you have been there for them? You have been there in their times of need . Your Mast is not your

fair weathered friend, your Mast is the friend who handles all weather. Look for that friend. Look for your Mast.

You will know who that is.

Riss Dolman.

By itsmylifetoo

Founder of A Positive site to share stories, motivational tips and information that make people happy. Driven to inspire the smile. Wanting the world to be a better place by people just being nice. I have the desire to write for myself and to share it with whomever wants to have a read.

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