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When you need Clarity…

It is time to connect……………..

It is time to connect with the here and now, and to be present in the moment. Stop and listen to the cues that life is offering you. Be clear with what you are asking for in life. Try and think of the current issue – stand still. Be grounded. Maybe go outside and take your shoes off and stand tall with your feet firm on the earth, maybe out of the sun and  in the shade. Look up to the trees and sky. See how they are always there for you to look up to and ……. relax.  It is time…… Breathe deeply and clear your pressing thoughts. Let them leave your mind for now and think of the day as new and fresh. As you focus more clearly and your thoughts become less stressed it is a good time to be happy with where you are in your life and be grateful for what you have. Breathe deeply. Open you eyes with a new and invigorated view of life. Set your day well and go forward. With this new clear eye and thought you can expect great things to happen. What you constructively put out in this world and work on, will come back to you ten fold.

By itsmylifetoo

Founder of A Positive site to share stories, motivational tips and information that make people happy. Driven to inspire the smile. Wanting the world to be a better place by people just being nice. I have the desire to write for myself and to share it with whomever wants to have a read.

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